Experience and expertise in interpreting and training.

I've spent the last twenty years in every aspect of interpreting -- teaching and training, managing interpreter services, volunteering on boards and committees, and of course, interpreting.

Twenty years ago, during the last year of my undergraduate work towards a B.A. in Spanish, I started working as a medical interpreter, and a career was born.

I spent 15 years in healthcare as an interpreter, trainer, and manager of a large language services department. This rich experience sparked a love not only for interpreting and service to others, but also an understanding of the pleasure of helping people understand the power of well-planned interpreter services.


During my time in healthcare, I earned two certifications: Indiana State Supreme Court Interpreter Certification (Spanish), and the Certified Healthcare Interpreter™ credential. In 2015, I left health care to finish my graduate work and I earned a Masters of Conference Interpreting from Glendon College in Toronto, Ontario (English A, Spanish B). My work as an interpreter has been varied and continues to evolve, and has gone from academic conferences and more technical work, to online meetings and workshops for NGOs and artists. My most recent work has focused on documentary filmmakers in the Americas.

I hold a B.A. in Spanish from Indiana University-Purdue University at Indianapolis (IUPUI), where I was associate faculty in the World Languages and Cultures Department from 2016-2020. From 2019-2021I taught healthcare interpreting online for first year graduate students at the Glendon College of Translation, and from 2016-2021 in the conference interpreting course for i2B, a Brazil-based program delivered in the online classroom.

Over the last 20 years, I lived, studied, and worked in Spain, France, Costa Rica, Toronto, and Indianapolis before settling down in Houston in 2020.  

I'm currently a clinical track MSW student in the class of 2023 at the University of Houston Graduate College of Social Work.

I've presented extensively on topics like self care for interpreters, ethics in interpreting, and quality in interpreter services. If you'd like to collaborate or take a closer look at my experience, use the button below to get in touch!