Applying experience in language access to graduate work in social work.

My work as an MSW student is built on a twenty year career in language access and interpreter services.

I am a first year student (2021-22) at the Graduate College of Social Work (GCSW) at the University of Houston. I'm on the clinical track, and plan to pursue the LCSW credential after I finish my MSW. 

At this stage, I am interested generally in understanding the social work landscape in Houston. Specifically, I am interested in what kinds of barriers are faced by Limited English Proficient patients seeking mental health services. I am also especially interested in trauma and healing. I am eager to apply my experience as an interpreter in hospital settings and particularly in mental health settings to my class work and field work, and later to my work as a clinician.  

As a former board and committee member of different professional interpreting organizations, I'm also eager to learn how I can support social work from an organizational standpoint. You can read about my twenty year career as an interpreter, language access advocate, and educator here.