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Training for Interpreters

Workshop & Coaching Fees

All content is developed and delivered by Liz Essary. Sessions are live and held online via Zoom.

CEU workshop
90 minutes
Typing on laptop
group exam prep
90 minutes
1-on-1 coaching
60 minutes

Workshops are designed to be interactive and dynamic, and build skills and knowledge for certified interpreters. These workshops provide continuing education credits in areas of performance, ethics, mental health and terminology.

$650 includes live instruction, original written materials. 

Buy the replay with a quiz for CEUs for $200.

For groups of interpreters preparing for healthcare interpreter certification. A series of three workshops covers exam content, consecutive interpreting for computer-based exams, and simultaneous interpreting for computer-based exams.

$1,000 for the series of three foundational workshops.

Buy additional customized sessions with feedback for $500 each

For interpreters who need individual attention as they prepare for interpreting exams for healthcare, court, and conference interpreting. Sessions are customized to meet the interpreter's specific needs, and are oriented to towards test content.

$1,000 for a package of four sessions.

Buy additional sessions for $200 each.

CEU-approved for Certified Healthcare Interpreters

Note taking for healthcare interpreters (performance-based)

Simultaneous interpreting for healthcare interpreters (performance-based)

Advanced consecutive skills for interpreters (performance-based)

Advanced sight translation skills for interpreters (performance-based)

Developmental pediatrics for interpreters

Delivering bad news for interpreters

Advanced medical terminology for interpreters

Preparing to work with victims of domestic violence

Advanced ethics for interpreters

Interpreting in mental health settings

Self care in and outside of the interpreted encounter

CCHI written and oral exam prep

Understanding the exam content and requirements


Preparing to take the computer-based written exam for certified healthcare interpreters

Preparing to take the computer-based oral exam for certified healthcare interpreters

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